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Knee Pain to 5K

Episode : Olivia

Listen to Olivia’s experience about the process from beginning to end.

The Physical Therapy Plan

Episode : Evan


A successful story takes a team to tell.  Listen to Evan on the role of physical therapy.

Food Therapy

Episode : Danielle

(Coming Soon)

The influence of diet in this process is under appreciated and under utilized.  Danielle weighs in on how to fix that.

Questions and Answers

Episode : Dr. Kim

(Coming Soon)

Details about Dr. Kim’s methods, costs, and more.


An informatics blog to answer your questions about our process, the science, and future therapies.


Problem with Pain

“Through activities, genetics, or injury we develop an unhealthy joint environment.  We know this is an unhealthy environment because of the pain we experience.  Pain leads us to inactivity.  The inactivity makes instability and risk of further injury.  We recreate the healthy environment so you can get back to activity.”

-Dr. Richard Kim